Elvira Amor


Elvira Amor (Madrid, 1982) has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Cuenca, 2003-2009). She has lived and studied in Madrid, Cuenca, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Puebla (Mexico), Brussels (Belgium), and Yogyakarta (Indonesia), holding exhibitions in each of these cities, and developing different projects.


The last individual exhibitions she had were: Coral brick salmon (García Galeria, Madrid, 2018), Orange Delgado (Castellana22, Madrid, 2017). Other group exhibitions in which he participated are: S / T: Álvarez-Laviada, Amor, Barkate, Uriel (Moisés Pérez de Albéniz Gallery, Madrid, 2021); El abrazo, artists in dialogue at the Yera Collection (Convento de Sana Clara, Seville, 2020); Modern Love Vol. 1 (Fifth Floor, Mexico City 2017), Wet paint (Area 72, Valencia, 2016), Tachá mirror puts drawing (Fundación Lebensohn, Buenos Aires, 2013), or Alga todo y espumas (CCEBA-AECID, Buenos Aires 2013). She has received, among others, the Community of Madrid 2020 Production Aid, the 2015 Artistic Production Award from the Banco Santander-Open Studio Foundation, the 2017 VEGAP Plastic Arts Creation Aid, and the Madrid Community Mobility Grant 2017. She has participated in residencies such as Bilboarte (2021), Villa Vergerie 2020 (Laguarres, Huesca), Kankabal 2017 (Noox Galeria, Izamal, Yucatán, México); Zona Seis Residence (Luis Adelantado Gallery, Mexico 2016), and Mundo Dios 2012, Mar del Plata (Argentina).