Victoria Civera


Port de Sagunt,1955. Lives and works between New York and Saro (Cantabria). After studying Painting at the Superior School of Fine Arts of San Carlos of Valencia, she experiences with photography, happenings, and photomontage. Between the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties she moves to Santander where her painting practice encompassed large surfaces of color on canvas combined with drawing, where circle and spiral begin to appear. Acquired hints of Neo Expressionism during the eighties, she maintains the figurative tendency and a stage of abstract symbolism. Settling in New York, her artistic approaches experience important creative changes. Her painting evolved towards a more intimate plane, as well as small format, incorporating new materials and diverse vocabularies.


In the nineties, without abandoning painting, Victoria Civera focused on object construction and installations, becoming one of the first Spanish artists to voluntarily distance herself from the notion of a single style. Likewise, figuration and abstraction intertwine in her work in a free and expressive way.


Her conception of art as a universe is translated in a constant conceptual search, coming together imaginarie worlds of her conscience intermingling: material as syntax, painting-abstraction, density and fragility, evocation and evanescence.